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We Service Your Fence For Life!  For existing customers only

Why Is The Fence Service Call Beneficial To Me?

When you get a fence installed due to weather, natural products, use around gates and or unnoticeable ground movement you will need maintenance on your fence eventually, just like you do for your home, A/C or car. When the issue is not workmanship related and is small, it can be very difficult or impossible to get your fence company of choice back out to address small issues. That is why we are so excited to offer this NEW program that no other fence company offers(that we know of) in our area. This program is put in place to maintain an ongoing relationship with you (our customers).

This program only charges for the labor (no profit included) to pick up material needed, drive to the job, do the work and drive to the next place.

You never have to worry about not being able to get small issues addressed for your fence again, because

We Service Your Fence For Life!

 How It Works And Will I Be Charged Money?

 Please read in detail how this program works alongside our  Workmanship Warranty below.

Why you could be charged a service call fee when you have a workmanship warranty on your fence?


All issues pertaining to workmanship are repaired at no cost, and have no service call fee.

If all nails, screws, posts, latches, hinges etc. have been installed correctly, and you have a issue with your fence, a service fee will be charged. 

If the repair can be made by the service call person, you will only be charged the service call fee plus materials.

If the repair requires a crew to be sent to the job, a contract will be written for the work, you will not be charged the service call fee upon signing the contract.

If a contract is written for the work, and you do not move forward by signing the contract, a service call fee will be charged.

Example (if your wood gate was installed correctly, and because of the natural movement in the wood as far as post, pickets, and/or frame, you will be charged for the work needed to service your fence).

All natural products such as wood are subject to warp, twist. crack, rot, and/or sag.

It doesn't matter if it has been 3 months or 3 years, your fence may need some maintenance as it is subject to weather, use around the gates, and or settling in the ground.

How to know if you are having a workmanship issue, or a issue pertaining to circumstances beyond our control.

The key questions that we will ask ourselves upon addressing the issue you are having is:

Is it possible the issue could've been avoided by doing something differently at the time of installation? (No fee)

Or is this a issue that is beyond our control (if we redo the work, can or will the issue reoccur? (Fee applies)

We hope that you as a valued customer will understand that it takes time, payroll, insurance, gas, and mileage for us to maintain your investment.

At K & C Fence Company we always stand behind the work we do, and stand with you as our customer.

We work hard to keep our prices competitive for you in the future, and our future new customers.

We service your fence for life!

Thank you: K & C Team

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Fence Service Call Instructions

1. Open The Service Call PDF Contract Below.

2. Read The Contract And Instructions Entirely.

3. Fill Out The Form.

4: Save it to your computer.

5. Send The Form To office@fencenashville.net.

6. Attach and Include Photos of the Maintenance or Workmanship issue.

7. We will put the work in the schedule to get completed.

That Easy!

This Is a Fillable Form.

CLICK HERE - For The Service Call PDF Contract.