What to Expect When Having A Fence Installed - Nashville TN.

Educate yourself by reading our what to expect when having a fence installed page, printing the what to expect sheet, or just watching the video below.

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#1 Your Estimator Can Be Working With Numerous Customer At One Time. 

Your estimator is running estimates back to back and gets a lot of phone calls, therefore we do not make a lot of phone calls out. If you have a concern, have picked a specific install day, have any question at all please feel free to contact your estimator anytime.

#2 Wood Is Subject To Warp, Twist, Crack and or Rot.

We work hard at the small install details to help minimize the natural movement that takes place in Natural Product such as Wood. But no mater where you purchase or who installs wood will always do some moving and can cause problems around gates and the fence itself. We do have metal frames available to help around gates and maintenance free products if this concerns you.

#3 We Must Walk Back And Forth On Your Property.


When Walking back and forth to perform the fence installation you can have some normal wear on your grass and property, and it may take some time for your property to recuperate.


#4 You Will Have Left Over Dirt On Your Property.


There will be left over dirt on your property, we will try to spread the dirt as much as possible but depending on the dirt condition the dirt may not spread evenly. You may have some additional ground work to do once your fence has been installed.



#5 We Do Not Remove Rock From The Property.


Tennessee dumps do not take rock and we have no where to put rock. If you have no way to remove rock and are concerned about a lot of rock that you can not handle, please contact your estimator to ask about the fees associated with rock removal.


#6 Make Sure The Details On Your Contract Are Correct. 

Always read your contract to make sure it has all the information you have asked for and that the correct fence and fence details are listed. It is your responsibility to approve the contract before signing.

#7 We are Always Trying To Get To Your Job As Soon As Possible.


When scheduling you will get a general estimated time frame because weather, rock and or mud can cause delays. As we get closer to your job our estimated day gets better and a day or 2 before we will call and tell you exactly when.


#8 You May Have Gaps Under Your Fence Depending On The Grade Of The Ground.


Depending on your ground condition you may have gaps under the fence that will require for you to fill them in. We do not make trips back to grade your yard level. Our goal is to work hard on making your fence look good which can sometimes mean keeping the top straight when your ground is not.


#9 Any Underground Private Utilities Are The Property owners Responsibility.


We install your fence where you tell us to and have no way to detect private underground utilities and are subject to break them. It is the property owners responsibility to let us know where these line are.


#10 Double Check The Fence Location.


We like to do what a wood carpenter calls measuring twice and cutting once. We will want you to be there to approve the fence location one more time the day of install either with the fence installers or with the estimator. If you can not be there please make sure the corners are marked and double check them before we come.


#11 Do A Sign Off Sheet With Us When We Are Finished.


Help us keep our prices competitive by walking the job with us when we are done to approve the work and address any concerns you may have. It helps us keep our prices competitive when we do not have to make trips back

Remember that you are having fence installed on your property and that there are some normal things that come along with this type of construction. As always our number one goal is to provide you with a Quality Fence at a Competitive price.