PVC Fence Versus A Wood Fence

So you are looking to spend a lot of money on a fence and you are trying to decide PVC (Vinyl) or Wood?

PVC Fence verus Wood Fence in Nashville TN

PVC (sometimes also referred to as Vinyl fence) and Wood Fencing can be used to provide a privacy fence, a picket fence or a farm fence read the difference between materials to make a better decision before you purchase a wood or PVC fence.

Wood fencing is a natural product and there is quite a bit of maintenance that come along with a wood fence. Wood is subject to twist, crack, move, and warp. As time goes on you will need to replace boards, adjust gate, replace post and stain your wood fence every 3-5 years. Wood fences are the most economical as far as price if you are looking for privacy and is a very much loved style for its versatility in style and character it brings to a property but will require maintenance and you should consider the cost or time it will take to maintain your fence in the future. There are different types of wood available including cedar and pressure treated pine and these 2 types of material weather differently. Pine does more moving and warping than cedar does but the western red cedar is a softer wood and will rot faster if it is not sealed. If you would like to find out more about wood fence weathering here is a help article about wood fence warping, twisting, moving, shrinking and cracking.

PVC on the other hand is not a natural product and will carrie a lifetime manufacturer warranty on the material itself. There is very little up keep, no staining to do, no warping, cracking or twisting. Also the warranty is usually transferable in case you ever sale your home. Remember that there are different grades and there are some cheap products on the market and also these cheaper products can be sold at you local wholesaler. There is still some maintenance you may need as the ground settles, use around gates and of course cleaning your fence which is usually a pretty fast process done with bleach and a hose pipe. We have also seen holes knocked in the fence by lawnmowers and of course repairs on this kind of fence is more costly and usually requires a professional, unlike being able to purchase a board and replacing it yourself on a wood fence. Remember to ask for a lifetime warranty, make sure the product includes a bottom rail stiffener and your contractor is digging deep and including gate post stiffeners. A lot of people done like the PVC look but should definitely should be considered as a better alternative to a wood fence if you can not handle the up keep and eventual replacement of your wood fence.

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